Disclaimer: Do not try to make these medicines at home or anywhere else. Toxic effects may not be entirely accurate. Risk of either rapid growth, extreme leg lengthening, neck lengthening or severe shrinking to the point of disappearance with different combinations of ingredients. For the full disclaimer wording see BMJ's terms and conditions: http://www.bmj.com/company/legal-information/ George’s Marvellous Toxins Exploring likely effects of a literary “medicine” © 2020 BMJ Publishing Group Ltd. In their 2020 paper in The BMJ, Johnson and Davies have conducted an exhaustive toxicological investigation of the ingredients for George’s Marvellous Medicine. Information was gathered using a literature review of the eponymous book by Roald Dahl, and subsequent ToxBase queries. The interactive tool presented here allows you to create your own mixture of these ingredients, and see the likely effects on the human body. Reset all ingredients Interactive Choose your ingredients Likely toxic effects 1 2 Add to pan 3 A note on the artworkin this graphic Bathroom Bedroom Laundryroom Kitchen Shed Garage A big thank you to the talented members of BMJ Art Club, for rising to the challenge of creating the 34 illustrations we needed for this graphic in short order Achievements Alliterative alchemist Use only the 10 ingredients likely to cause a lactic acidosis (kidney injury, convulsions, or cardiac toxicity) DRAFT