Individual Funder Provider Other organisation Medical use Recreational use Both Interest Area of circles is proportional to number of links connected Category The true be-leaf-ers The tangled connections between proponents of medicinal and recreational cannabis use © 2020 BMJ Publishing Group Ltd. Interactive As Jonathan Gornall reveals in his investigation, there is a complicated network of relationships between those lobbying for greater availability of cannabis for medical and recreational use. This diagram presents the links between those calling for wider patient access to cannabis for medical use and the members of a parallel campaign to create a lucrative recreational market for the drug in the UK. Hover over nodes and links for more information. Association for the Cannabinoid Industry Other organisation | UK, Romania Aims to recruit 20k patients in Europe suffering from one or more of seven conditions, who will be prescribed cannabis free of charge. No comparison with standard treatments or a placebo group is planned. A spokesperson for Drug Science told The BMJ it “works with commercial partners when they form part of a consortium, such as the current Medical Cannabis Working Group.”